Brodcasting politics with Probability and Decission making theories

Studying post-thesis material, came across a topic on cognitive sciences more specifically on efficient decision making in different political sceneries bases on Bayes theorem that is the basis module of decision making under probability. How the developed countries focus on the statistical data more than intuitive reasoning of political analysts. Analyst might not be the proper term used for the bunch of numskulls who seem to call themselves Political analysts appearing on talk shows. Preaching their views publicly is not exactly political analysis, this is a obvious example how many of the positions in society are being manipulated by persons that are quite disqualified and unfit for their Jobs.
These boneheads are lacking in basic skills that are required in the process of prediction of the outcome of a political scenario. Bayes theory, game theory, decision making theory, political game theory, basic applied mathematics are just the tips of an iceberg of the researches that have been done by decades of Nobel laureates like John Nash, Daniel Kahneman have done. Expecting people to read these research is not the idea but at least these they should be skilled enough before to averting general public from their own contours for a political party.

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