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Farhan Mirza was born on 16 February 1975, he started is carrier like any other youngster in Pakistan playing in the street game shops. Snooker as a hobby ultimately became his passion. He is internationally notable native Pakistani amateur snooker player, who now lives in Sweden.

According to Stepehen Hendry a well known Scottish professional snooker player " Farhan Mirza is among the most well-known snooker players of Sweden"

Farhan Mirza did not saw any future of this game for professional Snooker players in this country as Muhammad Yusuf Pakistani champion snooker player told in an interview, Govt negligence towards the snookers game and its players; failure to provide them a regular job is resulting in drain of professional snooker players from Pakistan.

This young men from Lahore participated and won various major events in Pakistan including Pakistan Junior open titles and Pakistan senior open titles. Currently he is residing in Sweden, he is known for his stylish cue work & has a highest break of 142, he started off at the age of 14 & came into prominence by winning Pakistan junior open at the age of 15, this was followed by 8 more pakistan junior open titles;which is a national record for the most junior pakistan open titles. He won 1st of his 3 Pakistan senior open titles in the year '94. after winning 2 junior Asian open championships Farhan Mirza finally reached his prime in the year '99 by winning the senior Asian Championship & Asia Oceana Championship.
 He showed pretty decent performances in numerous European championships. He featured in before moving to Sweden in the year 2003. He became Swedish national champion in the year 2005 this was followed by a runner up position at polish open in the year 2007, These days he is running Swedish snooker academy & makes occasional appearances in snooker tournaments.

KARACHI, Jan 3: Bespectacled third seed Farhan Mirza was crowned new national champion when he breezed past the top seed Khurram Hussain Agha 7-3, at the KPT Sports Complex Sunday evening.
 The young man from Lahore, who earlier toppled the defending champion Mohammad Yousuf was well prepared for the final kill.
 The snooker fans that thronged the venue were expecting a keen tussle between two of Pakistan’s most exciting cueists. But Farhan in great form snapped up the first three frames to reduce Khurram to a mere passenger. Dawn

 Snooker is not just a game with colorful balls on the table but a way to express your creativity by developing complex strategies and thinking ahead every time you play a shot. People who excel in this game have the higher IQ than the ordinary people with an ability to understand the complexities of this world which other persons can’t. I believe persons like Farhan Mirza are God gifted and value more than we can imagine. Fahd Az on Farhan Mirza Fan Club

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