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Examining newspapers and blogs, It always ends up in politics sections this lead to ignoring some beautiful facts about Pakistan, that there are more than just killings and bombings in streets of Pakistan. Pakistan is country, enriched with a heritage of natural beauty that is so beautiful and variant that it is hard to surpass.
In a science fiction novel Calculating God By Sawyer, in which he mentioned Pakistan. It never came across my mind that any fictional writer might be scribbling about Pakistan on a topic else than the most acknowledged one that is off course the Terrorism. It was a surprising to see writer mentioning Pakistan in context of its beautiful and abundant types of flowers.

Another alien was in Burundi, living with a group of mountain gorillas, who seemed to have accepted him quite readily.
A third had attached himself to a public defender in San Francisco and was seen sitting in on arraignments.
A fourth was in China, apparently spending time with a rice farmer in a remote village.
A fifth was in Egypt, joining an archaeological dig near Abu Simbel.
A sixth was in northern Pakistan, examining flowers and trees.
Another was seen variously walking around the sites of the old death camps in Germany, scuttling through Tiananmen Square, and visiting the ruins in Kosovo.

The diversity of Pakistani natural habitant is accepted throughout the world. This quote should no be taken as argument, instead it is a certification of recognition from the world that how variant is range of beauty in Norther areas of Pakistan. These are some marvelous facts about Pakistan that remains unnoticed in all the buzzing of politics and religion. Flower industry is actually a multi million dollar industry around the world. In early 2008, Pakistan established its first wholesale flower market in the form of the Lahore Flower Exchange, which was established at Mini Tollington Park in Gulberg. The feature of this flower exchange is it sold flowers fresh from the farms.

This detailed study presents an account of over 650 varied and fascinating flowers found in the diverse climate and terrain of Pakistan. Each plant is briefly described and illustrated with a colour photograph.
The rich and varied habitat of Pakistan is home to an estimated 4,940 plant species. Though there has been some effort to catalogue the fascinating flora of this region, information published so far has been in a highly condensed and technical format. This book is the first book of its kind to present an account of over 650 selected flowering plants of Pakistan to the reader in an understandable and interesting format. Each plant is illustrated with a photograph, accompanied by a brief descriptive account, indicating its relationship within the plant kingdom and its occurrence throughout the world. An important feature of the book is a key that enables the non-specialist to identify the plants. Indices of scientific, English and local names, plus a glossary of botanical terms, have been included to aid botanists and naturalists in their work.
Wild Flowers of Pakistan by Nasir, Yasin J.; Rafiq, Rubina A.
These are some of the flowers that are available in Pakistan. The following list was taken from Pakistan Ministry of Food and Agriculture so I have serious doubt whether they are correct names or some randoms names collected in alphabetical order.
Acanthus, Aeonium arboreu, Aeonium arboreum Atropurpureum, African violet, African-daisy, Aglaonema, Allium, Amaryllis, Anchusa, Anemone, Asparagus Fern, Aster, Azelia ,Baby blue eyes ,Baby,s breath ,Balsam, Basil, Begonia, Bell flower cup, Bird nest sanseveria, Black beauty ,Black-eyed-susan, Blanket-flower, Bottle Brus, Buttercup, Caladium
Ministry of Food and Agriculture shows a thorough list of various types of flowers found in Pakistan

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