Mystic Pashto poet Qalandar Momand Poetry colletion

Sahibzada Habib-ur-Rahman Qalandar Momand (September 1, 1930 - February 4, 2003) was a well known Pashto scholar, poet, critic, short story writer, journalist, linguist, lexicographer, and academician. He was also a trade unionist, nationalist political activist and a member of the Communist Party of Pakistan. He wrote most of his mystic poetry during the time he was imprisoned by Field Marshal General Mohammad Ayub Khan's in the dungeons of the notorious Lahore Fort. This is one of his beautiful work I found on this site.

This is the English translation of his Poem in Pashto

Some of the more articles and poetry collection of Qalandar Momand can be found here , book written by Qalandar Momand can be found here.

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