Alif Noon amusing but also notorious for its lessons | Kamal Ahmed Rizvi

For youngster; no we are not talking about the political Alif Noon that you see on your TV now a days more often seen fighting to be the next ruler of Pakistan, blaming each other. It seems like ages to see something of monumental coming from PTV. Back in 90s when PTV was the only channel for the entertainment for mass Public, off course these were days when electronic media being controlled by the Govt. But there was more than manipulated media to remember of these days, there was a sense in media to follow moral values in society. These were the days when each and every second was rehearsed and scrutinized before putting it on air waves, the ultimate objective was to give the viewers best of best while assuring no-moral values of society have been compromised. List of impressive fantastic serials of the age of PTV is deep with all types of genres.

Alif Noon was a monumental comedy series; it was one of the first of its kind in Pakistan written by Kamal Ahmed Rizvi (Allan) who partnered with Rafi Khawar (Nannha) and created a extraordinary show, that was going to haunt fans for the rest of their lives. Alif Noon was first aired in 1965, the scenario of the comedy show hover over a man with brains of the business who always comes with some nasty ideas to make money; but ultimately they become a virus to society, that is eating it bit by bit. Rafi Khawar (Nannha) or Noon is been shown as a dumb front man who always gets in to trouble because of his boss dirty plans. This TV program was also the debut of Rafi Khawar. Kamal Ahmed Rizvi shared his views about Rafi Khawar and the brainstorming; how he came up with idea of Alif Noon.
"This young man came to me and said he wanted to be an actor but everyone has treated him with ridicule. 'Now if you also let me down I will be fed up of life itself,' he said to me. I sent him away but as I lied down for sleep that night the idea of a play came to my mind. This young man had an innocent face and if I could build up two characters, one of them a clever con man and the other an innocent stooge he would fit into it." The rest is history.
Alif Noon was not only just an entertainment program but it was a concept that was pointing problems in this society at an earl stage (1960's). After 50 years these problems should have been cured but if we see the society, we still have these problems, schools and institutions setup as a private businesses. Educating young minds feeding chickens to make them fat instead of making them strong. Then comes the private clinics opened by quacks handling patients like first year student dissects a frog on his lab table. The business of beggary that has evolved into organizations and institutions for the new comers compelled due to joblessness, a bum at busy intersection can tell you proudly; he can earn more than a govt clerk.
Pharmaceutical and Dairy industry playing with life of poor people for small amount of money. The point of such programs is to build awareness in the society and to plea politicians that there's need of policy making and effective enforcement of these policies in these industry. But even now after 50 we still have these problems because governments did not effectively neutralized these problems. While other countries are furiously handling these kind of social issues. Do we still need 50 more years to become a civilized nation !

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