Dr. Abdus Salam: Nonsense that won a Nobel prize! | A headline from history | 28th January

Today on 84th birthday of Dr. Abdus Salam. I am sharing a piece of news that was published in 1979, when Dr. Salam received a Nobel prize in Physics.

Do not get offended by the tittle as this is what a teacher of Grammer School of South London said to Dr. Abdus Salam's daughter when she tried to tell her teacher her father views on the forces that govern the nature. She failed in her 'A' level Physics exam. We have already discussed in this blog how a Dr. Salam can be a inspiration for the students of Pakistan. His complete biography can be found in the book of K.K Aziz.
Tribute to Abdus Salam: Commemoration Day 21 November 1997
Following is a piece of news that was published in The Glasgow Herald - Oct 16, 1979

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