Sheikh Mujib ur Rehman release and events on January 8, 1972

On 16 December 1971, the allied forces of the Indian army and the Mukti Bahini defeated the West Pakistani forces deployed in the East. The resulting surrender was the largest in number of prisoners of war since World War II.

Upon assuming the presidency after Yahya Khan's resignation, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto responded to intense international pressure and released Mujib on January 8, 1972. These are some pictures of the events after this day.

After his release he was then flown to London where he met with British Prime Minister Edward Heath and addressed the international media.
Mujibur Rahman, popularly known as Sheikh Mujib, gives a press conference at London's Claridge's Hotel after being released from West Pakistan, where he was imprisoned by Yahya Khan, the former President of Pakistan. The Sheikh is the leader of the Awami League, the party which won a landslide electoral victory in East Pakistan by promising Independence for the region, to be called Bangladesh.
Sat, 1972/01/08 Sheikh Mujib, gives a press conference at London's Claridge's Hotel
 Mujib then flew to New Delhi on a Royal Air Force plane given by the British government to take him back to Dhaka. In New Delhi, he was received by Indian President Varahagiri Venkata Giri and Prime Minister Indira Gandhi as well as the entire Indian cabinet and chiefs of armed forces. Delhi was given a festive look as Mujib and Indira addressed a huge crowd where he publicly expressed his gratitude to Indira Gandhi and "the best friends of my people, the people of India."
From New Delhi, Sheikh Mujib flew back to Dhaka on the RAF jet where he was received by a massive and emotional sea of people at Tejgaon Airport.
On 11th January 1972, East Pakistan formally renamed itself Bangladesh with Sheikh Mujib Mujibur Rahman as head of state.

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