Alternative history of Pakistan what if I had Time Machine

What if Pakistan was a war free, peaceful, loving country, our opinions mattered and were friends instead of puppets of first world nations. The truth in this possibility can only be found by  comprehensive run of alternatives that were available in crucial decision making moments in history of Pakistan. The fun part in writing a alternate history is you never know what`s coming next and this becomes even harder to scribble in my weak vocabulary. I guess it would be something like What if or Fatherland.

Alternate history is a branch of fiction novel and most of the alternate history deals with the alternate version of a single major event that change the course of future events, in Fatherland which was the best seller novel of Robert Harris, it takes the form of a high concept alternative history set in a world in which Nazi Germany won World War II.

There is a strategy game called democracy, about controlling a government of a alternate version of your country, which is recommended as a basic learning tool in political science courses, given control of policy making and implementation in a hypothetical country. Free to choose the ideologies of demographics in the beginning. These fractions mainly composed of religious, patriots, parents, capitalists, socialists, liberals, conservatives and others so that you can easily implement policies reflecting your own views. I considered a fiction miles far from reality, what if Pakistan was a scenario of that game and we Pakistani were considered as among the civilized world.

The intriguing question would be what decisions could have made after 1947 so we could say at-least on of these things in 2012
  1. Pakistan 1 Rupee is equal to 1 US Dollars.
  2. Pakistan intellects had won 5 Nobel prize in their works in Physics, Chemistry, Literature and Peace.
  3. Pakistani politicians are among the most well educated, democratic and fair.
  4. Pakistan produced scientists and engineers that made strong influence in the modern sciences.
  5. Pakistan is self sufficient country that exports its technologies to the world.
  6. Pakistan has 5 Universities in the top 50 Universities in the world.
  7. UN ranked Pakistan among the world Top 10 happiest countries.
  8. Students from Europe and America compete to study in limited no of seats in Universities of Pakistan.
  9. Pakistan is a peaceful country, where all ethnic groups and religions have the same rights freedom to practice.
  10. Pakistan believe to build strong and peaceful relations to its neighbors.
  11. Pakistan spent 25 percent of its budget in education.
  12. United Nations Security Council is strongly considering to give Pakistan veto power so it can block any resolution.
This is a story of that hypothetical country with similar political scenario as Pakistan that came into existence in 1947. This country is a result of decisions that now we believe destroyed Pakistan. What if we had a time machine to go back and rewrite the history, to avoid all those military coups, to stop wars with India, to avert the the passing of discriminatory laws in constitution, to concentrate more on education system, to avoid plunging in to the war of terrorism and to reduce the tension between religions as well as ethnic groups.


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