Mr. Jinnah`s first day in Pakistan | Fiction

Finally he got the time to sit down on his stiff, uncomfortably chair. He had been busy whole morning giving briefing to his ministers, dictating his secretary, and picking up lost morals of students,volunteers and government officials who had been unconditionally a part of independence movement for last 8 months. Mr. Jinnah gazed around the pale wall of his spacious office, it gives feelings as if once it was a real office, there was a wooden cabinet he just ordered, so there he can put his books, papers and files, an old cuckoo clock struck on 7 giving a misty look, chandelier hanging on the center of roof covered in a relatively smaller layer of dust as if been uncleaned for weeks.

This was his office in Karachi a relatively new building, these small diversions were among the last things on his mind right now, he was drowned in his thoughts. He still had a meeting today with some of the prominent party members, as today was the day he was going to appoint ministers, specific duties for the new born state.  He knew he has many volunteers for these key positions in the state but he have to be cautious in appointments, after all these people would be responsible for the fate of 30 Million Pakistani`s.

There was weak knock on the door, without waiting for permission a middle aged brown man entered his office, he was dressed in black suite and wearing a brown tie with pale lines, the odd thing was not his dress but the glow on his face that even in these difficult times brought a hope in room. His name was Khurshid and he was the private secretary of Mr. Jinnah. Khurshid was among the few men who did not need any permissions, he had the luxury of being among the trusted party members.

"Sir, Its time, everybody has arrived in the meeting room !", Khurshid urged, seeing Mr. Jinnah drenched in his thoughts, he did not declared his presence and surely answer came within few seconds.

"how many are they ?", Jinnah asked, "seven as you demanded", Khurshid explained, Jinnah was still drenched in his own thoughts, he had a feeling of guilty, he was thinking about those innocent souls who lost their life in the brutal transition, he was summarizing ways to make this country survive.

"Sir, if you don't mind may I ask you something, I have seen you worried before,and I can understand the complication are far worse than any of your problems before, but I never saw a glimpse of guilt, why is that guilt Sir, we succeeded but still....", Khurshid politely interrupted by Jinnah, Jinnah still glancing at the broken cuckoo clock answered,

"Khurshid, there were times when I thought of agreeing the ideology of greater India, instead of parted lands, but I choose for Pakistan instead of all odds going against it, I choose for Pakistan, I wanted to build a sovereign nation, and I succeed, now I only hope these people would also understand what they got is a aftermath of agonize and sufferings.", when Jinnah was finished, Khurshid saw a glimpse of dampness in his eyes, and did not got the courage to ask further.

"I would be waiting for you in the meeting room " Khurshid calmly notified him,and left his office without waiting for his response.

It was a relatively long, sleek room, four small on one side giving a clear view of the green, untrimmed plants of the garden. There was a set of three tables placed head by head in the center of  the room, providing a space to sit for at least twenty people, a couple of freshly plucked roses were placed in a vase at center, depicting as if some one was in hurry, mishandling the delicate flowers so that some roses were missing there petals.

This was the meeting room where the first meeting of the newly independent country is going to take place in few minutes, seven people were waiting in this room for this meeting to start with arrival of Jinnah who was the newly appointed head of this state. Silence fell, as Jinnah entered in the room, and sat in between everyone.

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