Pakistan ranked 85th Happiest Nation in the world surpassing India, Bangladesh and China in Happy Rankings

Pakistan have not a lot to be happy these days, with all drones and suicide attacks. Don't be alarm, if still lately you have find yourself more happy than other south Asian countries (off-course recently Pakistan won the Asian cricket cup this can be one reason but other than that), as recently UN has released a new report ranking the country on the basis of their happiness (Gross National Happiness or GNP). They done a lot of work on it defining what is happiness and defining a algorithm of happiness. The first ever United Nations "World Happiness Report," released Monday and out of the 156 countries Pakistan has been ranked 85th.

Unbelievably in the mist of all these terror attacks Pakistan has been ranked happier than its neighboring countries India, China and Bangladesh. It is quite interesting to see how Pakistan is ranked more happier than India, Bangladesh and China. These are the ranking of the our neighboring south Asian countries. India has been ranked 94th, Bangladesh 104 and China is 112 in the rankings of the happiest country scale.While Bhutan, the tiny Himalayan nation tops Asia in the report, depicting a new economic model based on principles of happiness and well being, according to Time Magazine, Bhutan's prime minister Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley, is encouraging other countries to do the same. It is amazing, how in the middle of great political unrest and Pakistan not sure of the political future still people of Pakistan are able to remain happier than other Asian countries.

These rankings are based on many factors but primary controlling factors mentioned in the report are Political unrest, Health, Friends, Lack of good governess, Peace fullness and off course Money, but it does not mean money always bring happiness and being a richer country does not supposedly mean a happy country. So according to the study to become happy is to make more friends and reach out.

It also listed a number of suggestions for governments to promote happiness among their citizens including helping people meet their basic needs, reinforcing social systems, implementing active labour policies, limiting the scale of greenhouse gas emissions, improving mental health services, promoting physical health, and helping the public resist hyper-commercialism.

Happy country rankings:
1. Denmark
2. Finland
3. Norway
4. Netherlands
5. Canada
6. Switzerland
7. Sweden
8. New Zealand
9. Australia
10. Ireland
11. United States
12. Cost Rica
13. Austria
14. Israel
15. Belgium
16. Luxembourg
17. United Arab Emirates
18. Britain
156. Togo
The report can be found viewed here.

What is gross national happiness ?


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