Mr. Jinnah`s first day in Pakistan | Fiction

Finally he got the time to sit down on his stiff, uncomfortably chair. He had been busy whole morning giving briefing to his ministers, dictating his secretary, and picking up lost morals of students,volunteers and government officials who had been unconditionally a part of independence movement for last 8 months. Mr. Jinnah gazed around the pale wall of his spacious office, it gives feelings as if once it was a real office, there was a wooden cabinet he just ordered, so there he can put his books, papers and files, an old cuckoo clock struck on 7 giving a misty look, chandelier hanging on the center of roof covered in a relatively smaller layer of dust as if been uncleaned for weeks.

Alternative history of Pakistan what if I had Time Machine

What if Pakistan was a war free, peaceful, loving country, our opinions mattered and were friends instead of puppets of first world nations. The truth in this possibility can only be found by  comprehensive run of alternatives that were available in crucial decision making moments in history of Pakistan. The fun part in writing a alternate history is you never know what`s coming next and this becomes even harder to scribble in my weak vocabulary. I guess it would be something like What if or Fatherland.

Govt. indifference towards public hate speech against Shia and Ahmadiyah communities

On 28 May, 2010 massacre of Ahmedis took place in Lahore. The media and Pakistani officials allege it was a random Al-Qaeda or Pakistani Taliban attack, having no connection to the Ahmadiyya faith, public knows that it is result of a long constitutionally supported hatred that has been spread-ed since the independence of this country.

Pakistan ranked 85th Happiest Nation in the world surpassing India, Bangladesh and China in Happy Rankings


Pakistan have not a lot to be happy these days, with all drones and suicide attacks. Don't be alarm, if still lately you have find yourself more happy than other south Asian countries (off-course recently Pakistan won the Asian cricket cup this can be one reason but other than that), as recently UN has released a new report ranking the country on the basis of their happiness (Gross National Happiness or GNP). They done a lot of work on it defining what is happiness and defining a algorithm of happiness. The first ever United Nations "World Happiness Report," released Monday and out of the 156 countries Pakistan has been ranked 85th.

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