Imran Khan views on Ahmadis | Insafians who approve hatred and discrimination

Imran Khan is one man who enjoys a wide spread support from both progressive and traditional forces of the society. This support naturally comes from the celebrity status he enjoys as a cricketer and philanthropist for his contributions towards humanity. However, the challenge is to keep up that balance between two rival opinions till the day of election, which is why PTI also present itself as a centrist political party and often find itself defending the ever fluctuating political views of the party leader.

Viral Video:
Recently in the annual Peace Symposium of 2013 organized by Ahmadiyya Community in London, Nadia Ramzan Chaudrhy representing PTI requested support of 2-5 million members of Ahmadiyya community residing in Pakistan. Although Ahmadi spiritual leader denied in assuring any support but it generated much agitations in Pakistani politics and particularity among PTI right wing followers.

Ahmadiyya community voters: Ahmadiyya community votes is composed of urban voters, that is highly concentrated in Lahore, Faisalabad, Jhang and Karachi. In Karachi currently MQM enjoys Ahmadi support as MQM leaders has repeatedly expressed on many occasions their policy to revive rights of minorities of Pakistan [1], [2], [3]. However, in Punjab historically Ahmadies have not voted to any political party since Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto government decided to 'play God' and label them as non-Muslims.

The PTI Responce: In response of this viral video clip on social networks, PTI Information Secretary Shireen Mazari initially responded by saying that "Imran Khan has categorically denied having passed on any such instructions to anyone on the party's behalf," further "Nadia Ramzan is the daughter of Imran Khan's friend."  Even though Nadia Ramzan name is written as Information Secretary for PTI London. Finally Imran Khan's cleared his point of views on fate of Ahmadis after Naya-Pakistan in a latest video. In this video he assured his right wing 'Insafians' that he would abide by the Pakistan`s constitutional policy to deny basic human rights to Pakistani Ahmadis. He did not showed the decency to address Ahamdis with proper term, but instead used the term "Qadiani" which is considered pejorative by the Ahmadiyya. While summing up his video he did not shied away from declaring Ahamdis non-Muslim in light of his personal beliefs. Here one would argue if Imran Khan denies others (Maulana Fazul ur Rehman) the right to label him and his kids zionist or jew [4], and label other communities non-Muslim does it not makes him a hypocrite! 

This was not the first time he had to response over his policy on repealing the constitutional amendment declaring Ahmadi Muslim as non-Muslim. In 2010 he was particularly asked over this issue where he tried to escape this matter by giving a general response. However, being repeatedly asked the same question over and over again Imran told "Any law that discriminates between human beings is unjust". He was further asked if he plans on repealing this law and Imran responce was 
"Inshallah Tahrek-e-Insaf will bring justice and protect everyone." 
Now, he has not only backed away from his own words but showed lack of moral courage as leader to bring "justice" in the society. The most gloomy part of this whole episode is that Imran Khan has diminished the only hope among the minority communities of Pakistan by coming clean on his stance on Ahmadis.

He might have successfully countered the growing anger among among his majority of voters which are conservative. At the same time distant himself from the mainstream liberal voters who were already dwindling after his Pro-taliban stance. Imran Khan's video response comes just days before his address in Swabi, Charseda and Nowshera where conservative emotions runs high and JI  has a strong influence over regional politics. It shows how Imran's politics is based on getting support from major fractions of the society even if he has to support unjust and discriminatory laws targeting the weak. The hypocrisy when PTI members call themself 'Insafians', and endorse the unjust and discretionary laws in Pakistan.


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