First Pakistani to win Nobel Prize

First Pakistani to win Nobel Prize

STOCKHOLM, Monday (AAP-Reuter). — Professor Abdus Salam became the first Pakistani to win a Nobel Prize today when he shared the Nobel Prize for Physics.The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded Professor Salam and Professor Sheldon Glashow and Professor Steven Weinberg, of the US the prize of the equivalent of $A 168,000 for their contributions toward unifying the weak and electro-magnetic forces in atoms.
Professor Glashow, 46, and Professor Weinberg, 36, are both at Harvard University in Massachusetts, while Professor Salam, born in Pakistan and educated at Cambridge, now works at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy, and the Imperial College of Sciences and Technology, London.
The academy said their contribution had been of great importance for the intense development of particles physics in this decade. It had thrown new light on the interaction of weak as well as strong forces within the nucleus of elementary particles.

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